Agile Marketers Can Scale And Grow Quickly

Expand Rapidly By Harnessing Simple Technology

It's amazing to see how much marketing and technology have become intertwined nowadays ... a dramatic change from just a few short years ago.

Now, they're able to work together almost seamlessly ... in fact, if you want to scale your business and expand in the current business climate, you have little option other than to ensure that your marketing and technology work hand in hand.

One of the critical techniques that can help scale and grow is a technique called Agile Marketing. This is an approach to managing your marketing in the modern marketing automation era.

Agile management is a process which started out in the software development world. It was designed to take you step by step through a project, allowing the projects specifications to change on the fly. It was incremental, had built-in iteration, and encouraged developers to work in what were called "sprints".

It's use has migrated into the marketing world, allowing marketers to maintain a top-level overview of the marketing visions, but allowing the marketing to be adapted more rapidly to changing circumstances and emerging technologies.

Most marketing campaigns have a design flow, or funnel, and need to be optimized towards a specific outcome. They start with an initial plan, and are monitored for performance. Further changes, split-tests, and optimizations, identify bottlenecks and sub-optimized elements, so that changes and redesigns can be prioritized. Several iterations of this ( or "sprints") help channel the amrketing campaign towards optimial performance

This all sounds very complicated and intimidating ... especially if you're a small business, but using these techniques doesn't ahve to be complicated and is especially effective when working in small teams ... mainly because small teams can change direction more rapidly and more easily than large teams.

Being flexible and adaptive to the fast moving technology of the modern business environment is a vital aspect for any business which wants to scale and grow.