Change is Scary

Take a risk and amazing things can happen

A sense of thrill and excitement permeates the air as you take a deep breath, your heart racing before plunging into uncharted territory. You have to give it a shot--there's no turning back now!

Making a change is scary, and it might not always work out the way we want to. But when you push through that feeling of fear or uncertainty, amazing things can happen - both in our personal lives as well as with other people around us

If someone has been holding back for years on giving something their all because they're afraid of failing at it- whether its being an entrepreneur or trying new foods- sometimes getting past your fears means making yourself uncomfortable by taking some risks. Just remember: if you never try anything different from what's comfortable then nothing will ever come along that'll make life more exciting!

When you can push through that feeling of being scared, take a risk and do something new for yourself then amazing things will happen. As long as your head is in the game, anything truly becomes possible with time and determination.

The fear of uncertainty is paralyzing. But you can push through that feeling, and take a risk to get what you want.

If I’ve learned anything in my life it's this: sometimes the best way forward doesn't look like much fun at all. The idea might scare me or make me uncomfortable but there are no guarantees for safety awaiting down any path we choose - so why not go with something new? If I'm honest about how hard certain choices have been before they've paid off tremendously (and trust me when I say most don't), maybe more people would realize they're worth taking too.

When you're scared, sometimes the best thing to do is just go for it. You never know what could happen if you don't take a chance!